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—— To captures the inspiration from natural objects and landscapes, and create a leisure atmosphere belonging to contemporary life.



SIZE:Φ33.6*51cm MATERIAL:Aluminum, Teak Be balanced, stable and back to the original state of things, which is the initial design concept of this Balance series. The word ‘Balance’ is perfect to express the understanding of the scale, function and aesthetics of one table. Balance Side Table is made up of two mirrored "counterweights" with rich color. It is small and flexible, also functional and decorative. The tabletop is made of corrosion-resistant teak wood, so that it is more durable and easier to clean. In addition, the tabletop can be moved to become a beautiful planter, flowerpot or a storage box.



SIZE:Φ60*76cm, Φ75*98cm MATERIAL:Aluminum The design inspiration of Lotus series comes from the extraction and expression of the shape of petals. The whole series takes the central petal column as the “family trait”, with petals repeatedly stacked and fixed, expressing a sense of rhythm. Lotus City Planter is specially made for the public environment. The large diameter pot is like a sculpture, generous and stable. The petal element at the bottom creates a small area change to form a sense of design. This planter can be used for the long-term planting of a single large plant, and can meet the needs of diversified plant landscaping. Its surface is treated with anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment, and the bottom can be equipped with wheels for easy movement. The color scheme is more suitable for public buildings, park squares, urban greening etc.



SIZE:Φ44*65cm, Φ56*80cm MATERIAL:Aluminum Root Planter refines the state of wild plants "settle down", expressing full vitality with abstract design language. It is composed of an elliptical pot and a bracket, which can be split up and down. The unique "V-shaped" structure creates a sense of strength that germinates upward. Among them, the prototype of the upper pot is taken from the utensils of the North African tribes, which are round and unpretentious. The three legs at the bottom are as light and stable as the roots of plants deep into the soil. This type of bracket not only facilitates movement, but also improves the air permeability, which is conducive to daily planting. The color of the Root Planter comes from the Gobi and Oasis in nature. The fine sand-like spray texture presents a matte finish. It has two sizes to meet people's needs for different plants. It can be used in both outdoor and indoor spaces.




SIZE:W58*D52.5*H88cm MATERIAL:Aluminum, Teak, Custom made outdoor fabrics The birth of Chic Folding Chair is a tribute to the classic ‘Director’s Chair’ in the 20th century. Its design inspiration can be traced back to the ancient Roman period. Through modern technology, Chic Folding Chair has simplified and optimized the structure of the chair to the utmost extent. Each component is casted with fine details. Its sturdy chair body is composed of metal frame and hand-made three-dimensional sewing fabric, with the built-in quick-drying sponge on the back and seat surface, providing both aesthetic feeling and comfort. In addition, the color scheme of clay, jasper green, and the specially added teak armrests make this chair more elegant and fashionable. In daily use, Chic Folding Chair is easy to store, highlighting the quality and sense of weight, can be applied to various scenes.