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Call for Entries: Design Shanghai @Xintiandi Design Festival 2024 Theme Released

Call for Entries: Design Shanghai @Xintiandi Design Festival 2024 Theme Released

The 2024 Design Shanghai @Xintiandi Design Festival is set to take place from the 5th to the 26th of June. This year's festival will revolve around the theme of "Hybrid Playground". We eagerly anticipate a diverse array of creative minds coming together to make this festival a landmark event in the city's design landscape.

2024 Theme: Hybrid Playground

The relationship between festivals and play is inherently close. Both signify a pause from everyday life (or a detachment from it); are predominantly governed by joy and pleasure; are constrained by time and space; and embody a blend of strict rules and true freedom.

Now in its eighth edition, Design Shanghai @Xintiandi Design Festival, for designers, may represent an exciting, free, and experimental "play" beyond their daily professional practices. The festival serves as their "playground"; for the public, it's an opportunity to step off the beaten path of urban life and engage in "playtime" that touches upon creativity.

Regarding "Hybrid," on one hand, nearly every industry has undergone rapid and profound transformations due to digitalization, disrupting the equilibrium between different sectors and blurring their boundaries. Traditional boundaries are no longer definitive.

On the other hand, in an era of rapid technological advancements and expanding knowledge frontiers, the importance of interdisciplinary research has grown significantly. As a mode of study that interweaves and integrates different disciplines, it concerns how we find direction in society's diverse agendas.

Design, as a means of collaboration and connection, involving participants from diverse disciplines like philosophy, sociology, anthropology, biology, physics, and medicine, offers everyone a space-time to freely imagine across disciplines. It connects and realizes imaginations and creativities that are hard to achieve within their original fields. Meanwhile, collaborators from various disciplines bring their world or domain's content and rules, injecting fresh vitality into "design." Such collaboration signifies a further breakdown of boundaries.

Join Us!

What We're Looking For:

We anticipate this year's festival participants will use the Xintiandi Design Festival as their playground to fully express their creativity. Break boundaries and step off the conventional path:

  • Explore Cross-Disciplinary Collaborations: Embrace interdisciplinary, cross-industry, and cross-border cooperation.
  • Break Established Forms: Aim for diverse content presentation like "Installation + X", such as "Installation + Performance", "Installation + Talk", etc.
  • Step Out of the Conventional Time Narrative: Envision the history and future of the Xintiandi venue beyond the usual timeline.

Registration Information:

Please send your company/work introduction, personal profile, and contact information to the email addresses above. Alternatively, add the WeChat account designinthecity and send the required information (please leave the note when adding: Xintiandi Design Festival Registration + Company/Designer Name).