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Design Shanghai Picks 2024


Yin Yi (Shadowy Luster) Series

As Mr. Wu Guanzhong said, the deep black of lacquer and the pure white of xuan paper are both exquisitely beautiful. The deep exterior of the lacquer symbolizes profundity and tranquility, while the refined interior represents elegance and purity. This vague and subtle interweaving is the very essence of "yin yi" (shadowy luster) - tranquil yet implicit, restrained yet captivating. The flowing lacquer on the xuan paper creates a sturdy shield, protecting this fragile and mellow treasure. The dried lacquer imbues the delicate paper with strength, allowing it to withstand water and fire. This duality not only gives the vessel a unique visual and tactile experience, but also symbolizes the fusion and balance of the ineffable emotions and thoughts in life. The intertwining of different elements represents the harmonious integration of various aspects.