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Design Shanghai Picks 2024



Solid’ floor lamp, a pensive philosopher standing in space, emanates soft light from different angles, as if his understated exterior inadvertently reveals a unique personality, attracting you to approach in silence. Peering through the crevices to glimpse its thoughts, the unassuming exterior wraps around an inner brilliance and splendor, expressing the power of depth with its gentle demeanor, allowing the space to diffuse a serene and stable beauty. ‘Solid’ is composed of multiple intersecting polygonal columns, with the columns above the base freely rotatable. The interior of the columns is coated with reflective material, allowing the light to refract through the cylindrical crevices from multiple angles. Users can control the combination of light emitted according to their needs and comfort. With high interactivity, ‘Solid’ can easily complement various styles of spaces, adding a unique atmosphere and restrained mystery to the space.