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Design Shanghai Picks 2023



Seat DouGong is a unique furniture installation designed by StudioHVN for ote Fabrics , which is inspired by the unique component elements of ancient Chinese national architecture of Han nationality. By integrating the architectural space and the sense of order in combination, a coordinated and creative seating system is created. This seat is specially designed for public interior space. The full-of-tension form and restrained color combination can create a ritual atmosphere in the space, attract people's attention, and provide a comfortable resting place. The arched curvatures of the seat surface fully demonstrates the application ability and expressive power of the fabrics on complex furniture types. At the same time, the well-designed curves and radians give it a smooth and dynamic visual effect. This requires recurring analysis and precise calculation of the structural weaving framework, as well as systematic research and professional testing of the characteristics of the fabric materials. Seat DouGong embodies ote Fabrics philosophy of using the power of design to drive the brand concept while striving for excellence in quality and technology. Meanwhile, it demonstrates our pursuit of innovative design and unremitting attention to details and materials.