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Design Shanghai Picks 2023


BetteCraft Shell

As an innovator of bathroom space, the BetteCraft washbasins are designed by Tesseraux + Partner. The round and elegant shell shape of the BetteCraft washbasins inherits the simple and atmospheric design style of Bette. As soft as porcelain, as hard as steel - The combination of clear design language and filigree materiality gives the BetteCraft washbasin an elegant self-evidence. Every shell is hand-made individually from titanium steel in an extensive process, first shaped and then glazed on both the inside and outside. The thin side walls that taper towards the top give the generous shape a delicate and organic effect. Bette continuously breaks the limitations of glazed titanium steel materials with its skilled artisans. The birth of BetteCraft washbasin is the best proof of BetteCraft's adherence to design, craftsmanship, and perfect integration of natural materialsPerfect edges, flawless glaze, cleverly integrated with the bathroom structure, fully showcasing Bette’s infinite imagination in the use of glazed titanium steel materials. The BetteCraft series washbasins provide a newly developed exclusive color combination, including unique matte series tones, as well as exclusive Bette colors such as mid night, satin blue, and forest green, to meet the color needs of different consumers.