Since Cultural Office of Consulate General of Spain in Shanghai is founded, it has always been committed to promoting Spanish teaching and publicizing Spanish cultures through organizing various cultural activities and our Miguel de Cervantes Library.


The Cultural Office is affiliated with the Consulate General of Spain in Shanghai and Cervantes Institute, founded in 1991 to promote Spanish teaching and to spread the culture of Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries. The promotion includes a wide range of applications in the fields of music, history, philosophical thought, science and technology, stage art, plastic arts, cinema, visual arts and iconic elements in Spanish-speaking countries in Spanish or Spanish-speaking countries Show, promote the entity's work is to initiate or organize a variety of colorful cultural activities.


In addition, the Cultural Office is responsible for:

-Promoting Spanish and Latin American culture

-Ciic-Cervantes Spanish course

-Miguere De Sevantes Library provides all public collections, including more than 4,500 books, audio-visual materials and multimedia classrooms

-Promote cooperation with other local organizations or other Spanish and Latin American organizations in cultural exchange and cooperation

-Provide training for teachers in the D.E.L.E exam and Ave (Spanish course on the Internet)