Together! - Different but United 


For thousands of years, urban life has naturally brought us together exchanging contact with complete strangers. In an era when there were few of today’s modern day distractions, our ancestors whether they liked it or not did not had to gather together every day for trading, talking, learning and socializing. It is also the prototype and purpose of the "city." Today, while we are longing for diversity , for a piece of that natural balance of communication, the consumption created by modern cities and rich economies today, makes us somewhat indifferent, closed, exclusive and at times inwardly aggressive, hiding ourselves from modern society as we know it.


After two consecutive years  "social" themes, Design [email protected] Design Festival has unwittingly become a design festival in the eyes of the public to empower the city and explore the potential of social design. In 2020, our focus is still on the link between people and their connection, but it goes a step further. It sounds like a cliché—no one is an island—but, if no one can truly escape the macro world view and social context and stand alone in the micro-day of “self”, then in this seemingly rich and abundant world with crisis hiding just beneath the surface , how do people rethink the connection of people with an open, inclusive and even imaginative attitude - a real, positive connection? This is a question we all ask at times and is well worth exploring?


“Together!” is a vision that we are trying to express at Design [email protected] Design Festival: let each unique individual turn their backs on the push to build barriers and walls. This is also a problem we have entrusted to the designers.


Has John Lennon's [IMAGINE] ever touched you? Did the dream described in the lyrics prove that you are also a member of the Dreamers? Well, please, please design to realize such a vision for us.


“Sociologist Erving Goffman argues that life is a series of performances, each of us is an actor, and we will always care what others see who we are. If Goffman is right, then public space is equal to the stage, just as our house and the living room are stages. The hardware, landscape and spatial dimensions that make up this stage, as well as other "actors" around us, are the source of clues to our performances. We will decide what we should behave according to the message released from people, matters and objects, and even how we treat each other. In the book "Design, Make the City Happier" author Charles Montgomery said.


Now, we hand over the stage of the Xintiandi Design Festival to you. We hope that everyone can play together, talk together, create together... even being eco minded together.  Form is not important; the important thing is togetherness even if we are so very different!