Back to the Social Origin-Acquainted, Encountered


What is the core pain point of modern social connection? Is it the credit crisis brought by huge opportunities from more international social interactions? Or is it about the copyrights lawsuit for the design originality? Or is it due to the “posting” culture on social network by the “millennial generation”? Is it more about the reflection upon family lifestyle as the core emotions or the doubts on women’s lifestyle as the social hotspot issue? After the experiment on future social forms in public commercial space on 2017& 2018 Xintiandi Design Festival, we need to consider those questions in this modern era when information and data become so transparent and even “block chain” come out of nowhere and become a household name as a solution for trust issue.


From the perspective of the creative design-related industry, we can’t give an absolute answer. However, we can try to explore and fulfill our design commission relevant to social interaction by solving its main risk in 2019.


Our thoughts in 2019 will center on the origin of social interaction. Just like the semantics and value system of “design” have been always adapted to the changes of environment, so has “social”. Social, which originates from the Latin word “socius”, has the meaning of companion and partner. It involves a range of activities that reflect one of the most basic needs of human beings (a social group). Such kind of need is somewhere among the physiological, safety, esteem and self-actualization needs in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Actually, the logic behind this positioning is intriguing. Nowadays, we spend more time on online virtual social interactions, and sometimes we can’t even distinguish between the real society and the future invented by Black Mirrors. Therefore, maybe we need to find out what the ideal social life is indeed through recalling those memories that are not so remote and thinking about the social origin from the aspects of Appreciate, Believe and Connect.


In the coming 2019 Xintiandi Design Festival, we hope our new forums, visual arts, interactive installations, designed scenes and other dynamic activities will be conducted and explored around these three aspects, to help people re-understand and define the integrity issue in social interaction, explore the social attributes refraction of virtual people, and return and reflect the sincere social origin.