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Design Shanghai 2024 Presentation Zone Schedule



3rd REDMO Design Award - Launch Ceremony


The 2024 REDMO Design Award is a residential design award jointly initiated by FOTILE and FotileStyle, committed to creating the most authoritative, fair, and influential interior design award in China. The REDMO Design Award aims to "discover the beauty of China" and brings together numerous outstanding designers, artists, and scholars around the world to collectively study contemporary residential design aesthetics, internalizing and externalizing the beauty of China.


Liming Sun, Vice President of Fotile Group, Fotile

Jun Wang, Chief Operating Officer of the REDMO DESIGN AWARD and Director of Fotile Happiness Home Departmen, Fotile

Jingyu Guo, The head of brand and marketing department of FotileStyle, Fotile

Yongqi Lou, Vice President of Tongji University, Tongji University

Yongzhong Lv, Chairman of Lv yongzhong Associates; Founder and Chief Designer of BANMOO

Aldo Cibic, Founder, Cibic Workshop

Jianguo Liang, Founder, Manufacturing-China

Yi Gu, Architect, not a studio architect design and research ltd