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Design Shanghai 2024 Forum Schedule



Audi Vorsprung in Design, Connecting through the Universal Language of Design


At Audi, design embodies a movement that reshapes our future way of living.

"Vorsprung durch Technik" in design defines our unwavering commitment to innovation and design excellence to create a better future together.

In line with our vision that good design is understood all over the world and works universally, Audi's design language transcends boundaries and directly appeals to human emotions.

Highlighting our latest fully electric model, the Audi Q6L e-tron, and our immersive "Language of Light" installation, we demonstrate how design has the power to speak in ways that words cannot.

1. Audi Vorsprung in design - Audi’s vision of creating a better future.

2. Audi design philosophy & design language

3. Communicating with the language of light – the Audi Q6L e-tron as an example

Henrik Wenders, Chief Marketing Officer, AUDI AG
César Muntada, Head of Design Light Experience, AUDI AG
Eduard Ollefers, Head of Design, Audi China