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Design Shanghai 2024 Features


Rong · Casting Exhibition

Rong · Casting Exhibition
"Rong" means melting and fusion. The "Rong Design Library" is dedicated to deconstructing traditional crafts into materials and techniques, actively exploring the future of tradition. "Casting" is the research topic of the ninth edition of "Rong Design Exhibition," following the themes of bamboo, silk, clay, copper, paper, mortise and tenon joints, coloring, and weaving. "铸造" is translated as "casting," which refers to a molding process where softened material is injected into a mold, allowing it to solidify and take shape, the solidified result is called a "casting." Based on the deconstruction research of "casting," the "Rong·Casting" exhibition will invite 46 designers and artists from different fields to create, facilitating a profound collision between casting craftsmanship and contemporary design.
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