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Design Shanghai 2024 Features



neooold curated by designer Chen Min, features "Art·Extension" as the theme for 2024. The significance of extending craftsmanship has consistently been one of neooold's dedicated development directions. The exhibition design, presented by the architectural firm line+ under the direction of architect Meng Fanhao, extracts the cultural symbol of the bracket arch, a traditional architectural element, to construct a precise and melodious space. During the exhibition, works by artists and craftsmen from both domestic and international realms, including Alao Bakker, Makoto Suetomi, and Hans Tan, will be showcased. Encompassing ceramics, metalworking, weaving, lacquer, and other traditional crafts, these devoted works converge the origins of modern art with the deep roots of traditional craftsmanship. The exhibition is not only a showcase of artistic endeavors but also a collection of legendary stories surrounding the inheritance and development of traditional crafts.
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