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Design Shanghai 2023 Features




A spatial interlude, between a bustling city and a vibrant exposition, between a grandiose display and a high-flown manifestation; a spatial interlude, in the middle of a crossing, inviting different walks of life, with ideas diverse and similar, ambitions distinct and latent, faiths devoted and atheistic...

If this spatial interlude possesses a musical character, it is a pause that comes between a quick saluting march to the sumptuous parade of goods and a expeditious passage dashing from one genre to another; a reassuring note of silence between blares and roars; a refreshing aria that liberates souls that are in captivity by physical fatigue and psychological exhaustion from normality and repetition. Tranquil and meditative this interlude, the silence it echos, reverberates beyond...

This installation evokes both a spatial and musical interlude in the context of the Design Shanghai 2023. Composed of a series of screens that meander, fold and define a semi-seclusive chamber, this spatial interlude offers exhibition goers a moment of detachment and reflection. It is a place to reorientate, to rejuvenate. Carved on these folding screens are lights that form an illuminative matrix. Their dynamics and registrations are analogous to a musical composition written by lights. At times, they lit vividly, soften, then gradually fade away into stillness. At times, they emanate in successions, scatter, dissolve, then randomly recur, gather, intensify and constellate... their crescendo charges, decrescendo soothes; their warmth kindles, their coolness pacifies...

Built on an elevated platform that articulates its invitation to all coming to the Design Shanghai, the INTERLUDE is also a bridge connecting people and their ideas. Its realization is made possible by the woodworking expertise of IWOODSTORY and the electronic innovation of MOORGEN Smart Technology, as well as by their generous sponsorship and sheer commitment in every detail.


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