Design Shanghai 2021 Forum Videos

  • Breathtakingly beautiful work inspired by nature and driven by love of humanity.
  • Multi-skilled, multi-talented, multi-disciplinary designer, architect, artist, craftsman whose iconic '1000 Tree's building‘ opens now in Shanghai.
  • Co-founder of English design 'editeur' Established & Sons revives his roots in fine art.  
  • Truly one of the giants of Dutch, European and international design, Hutten subverts the territory between design and art - and has designed the biggest Regenerative project yet built.
  • 'Sustainability is no longer enough'. Passionate and eloquent herald of the birth of the Ecological Age and the death of the Industrial Age inspires design hope for humanity.
  • The work of Jiani Zeng & Honghao Deng, working in San Francisco, is guaranteed to make you gasp. Does 3D printing really look like this?

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