Design China Beijing 2021 Speaker List


Speaker list of Sustainable Design China - Summit coming soon.


  • Aidan Walker

    Aidan Walker

    Forum Programme Director of Design Shanghai, Design China Beijing and Design Shenzhen
  • Bo Qin

    Bo Qin

    Professor of The Department of Urban Planning and Management, School of Public Administration and Policy, Acting Director of Public Policy Lab, Renmin University of China
  • Bo Wang

    Bo Wang

    Senior Building Services and Sustainability Specialist, LandSea Group; Manager of Sales Dept, LandLeaf Tech.
  • Caroline Cheng

    Caroline Cheng

    Artist and Curator, Owner of Pottery Workshop, Co-founder of Yi Design
  • Chenping Chi

    Chenping Chi

    Founder and Creative Director of OTL, Co-founder of Hangzhou Young Designers Association
  • Chia Ying Lee

    Chia Ying Lee

    Kohler Global Design Studio
  • Dayong Sun

    Dayong Sun

    Founder of Penda China
  • Fanhao Meng

    Fanhao Meng

    Co-Founder & Chief Architect of line+
  • Feng Zang

    Feng Zang

    Architect, Principal and Co-Founder of PAO/PIDO, Registered Architect China
  • Frankie Fan

    Frankie Fan

    Founder of D+design Office
  • Gang Cao

    Gang Cao

    Founder & Design Director of Henan Erheyong Architectural Decoration Design Co., Ltd.
  • Han Li

    Han Li

    Principal of Drawing Architecture Studio, Class 1 Registered Architect in China



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