Leader in the retail industry of imported furniture, Domus Tiandi presents its clients with a one-stop experience shop of extraordinary scale, displaying a rich category of the most prestigious brands of furniture in the global market, while also covering a wide range of styles.


One home, one world–Domus Tiandi: our home, our well-being.


Domus Tiandi is constantly exploring through first-hand experiences, searching for a home that truly belongs to the oriental culture of our time. To do so, the brand brings together international culture, superior quality and excellence in European design. Through careful selection, Domus Tiandi delivers an essence of oriental culture that persists with elegance, generation after generation.


As  an explorer of life, Domus Tiandi immerses itself in today’s contemporary lifestyle, mastering traditional and contemporary elements taken from both worlds –the East and the West–, to create top-level luxury that helps people enjoy life to its fullest, exploring spiritual and emotional attributes conceived beyond physical form.