Xintiandi is a fashionable Shanghai landmark. Here you can discover the city's premier gathering place to relax and take in historical surroundings, while enjoying local culture. Here you can enjoy a journey through the heart of Shanghai’s best-preserved Shikumen - the city’s distinctive traditional residential architecture. Nowhere in Shanghai offers a greater concentration of culture, lifestyle, dining and fashion. This collection of images gives an idea of all that's available in Xintiandi, and it is comprised of Xintiandi Beili, Xintiandi Nanli and the new Xintiandi Style. Xintiandi Beili and Xintiandi Nanli bring together the traditional architecture of the Shikumen and modern dining, recreation and culture. Xintiandi Style, with its innovative and cutting-edge designs from home and abroad, is a cradle for domestic designers and a bridge between domestic and foreign designers, developing Shanghai Xintiandi into a highlight of Shanghai. In addition, Shanghai Xintiandi have launched The House and HUBINDAO projects at the end of 2015, instilling energy into the Huaihai Road business district.