Capella is a new type of task chair. Designed to keep your body moving. Sitting correctly is about moving your body. At the heart of Capella is a new innovative FreeMotion mechanism. It provides well-balanced micro-movements in the seat and promotes active sitting. All to help you feel good. With its unique features, Capella merges everything Kinnarps knows about what is most important when it comes to task chairs. You sit with optimal ergonomic comfort. And it has many adjustment options to allow you to find the seated position that suits you best.



The intuitive controls also enable you to easily adjust the chair to your own liking. Capella is appealing and well-designed. With pure lines and simple geometry. It is a top-quality chair with a focus on sustainability. Capella also has its sights set on today¡¯s creative and flexible way of working. Its user-friendliness and ease of adjustment makes it a great choice in activity-based working environments, where the same chair is used by different individuals for different tasks during the working day.