Established in 1949, Liebherr Appliances has had the mark of quality, reliability, and longevity for decades. Thanks to innovative technologies and high quality materials, our refrigerators, freezers, and wine cabinets are particularly convenient and energy-efficient. This applies both to domestic and professional use in trade, craft, gastronomy, commerce, and laboratory.


Monolith is the next generation of home refrigeration. A towering achievement in cooling technology and the culmination of 60 years of innovation and German engineering expertise. Monolith stands an impressive 213.4 cm from top to bottom and takes food preservation to a new level. With superior energy efficiency and advanced features such as BioFresh-Plus, PowerCooling and SmartDeviceBox, Monolith is a fusion of technical and practical ingenuity. With Liebherr’s InfinitySwipe touchscreen display and smartphone app, along with its whisper-quiet operation, Monolith is proof of the future. An infinite choice of finishes and size configurations is available to match your décor.