ICEX Spain Trade and Investment and the Economic and Commercial office of Spain in Shanghai will present six brands at ‘Design Shanghai’2020. As Asian leading international design event, "Design Shanghai" is constantly breaking new ground and setting a benchmark for the booming design market in Asia. "Design Shanghai" not only showcases the best design brands and exhibitions, but also provides a unique long-term interactive exchange and transaction platform for influential architects, designers, real estate developers, retailers, and private buyers in the world.


 "Design Shanghai" will land in Pudong for the first time this year and move to the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall on the Bank of Huangpu River. The exhibition area will be expanded to 36,000 square meters, continuing the high-end quality of "Design Shanghai" and creating a perfect design feast on the East Bank of Pujiang River. Taking this opportunity, ICEX will cooperate with 6 Spanish home furnishing brands including AGORA, ANDREU WORLD, BASSOLS, GRECOGRES, NOMON and SANCAL. These brands cover furniture, textiles, decorations, accessories, bedding, tablecloths, bathroom supplies and ceramic tiles.


design shanghai 2020 exhibitor agora



design shanghai 2020 exhibitor Andreu World



design shanghai 2020 exhibitor Bassols



design shanghai 2020 exhibitor Grecogres



design shanghai 2020 exhibitor nomon



design shanghai 2020 exhibitor Sancal



Spain has always been well known for its high-quality output and creative products. Its products are not only comfortable, but also meet the needs of customers for high-quality life. In addition, Spanish furniture and home furnishing products have experienced years of accumulation in terms of craftsmanship, tradition, quality, design, and professionalism. Spanish design style is unique in Europe and many talented designers have emerged. Tradition and passion are distinct qualities among Spanish designers.


The global epidemic continues and under this new situation, consumers pay more attention to living space and in improving the quality of living environment.  Since many people must work at home this year, many living spaces have been transformed. At the same time, people still expect to achieve high quality life as much as possible. The furniture and home furnishing products brought by ICEX adhere to the sustainable development materials, pay attention to the concept of environmental protection, and explore the needs of coordinated development between the East and the West.   "Design Shanghai" 2020 will be held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall from November 26 to 29, "Design Shanghai 2020" is the best access to intimate with Spanish home design products!


We will also take this opportunity at Design Shanghai 2020 to highlight that one of our cities, Valencia, is going to be World Design Capital in 2022. Spain is a land of creativity. The work of designers, architects, artisans, and illustrators has evidenced over the last century a strong design culture, based on the Mediterranean values and know-how. World Design Capital Valencia 2022 seeks to highlight the brightness, the balance between past, present and future, the simplicity, the cooperation, and the natural selection of well-designed projects, in order to imagine innovative solutions for facing the greatest urban challenges.