It is a real luxury to choose materials with integrity, to develop and propose them into a full line of products. Waterfall's conception philosophy guarantees an exceptional level of finish and a sonic signature that is homogeneous across our full range of Speakers.


NIAGARA , our emblematic speaker
Aluminium , Leather and GLASS

Explore the luxury of our solid brushed aluminium parts

Aluminium, a material present in a lot of our everyday uses , part of high technology products, fusion of design and pure lines, our aluminium follow very strict specificatinos as found in the aeronautics industry and blends itself naturally into our various systems. Timeless component , our aluminium is one of our signature pillars.

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Feel our leather

A living material, elegant and refined, from its natural tanning methods to splitting of hides to stitching , each piece is hand made in pure French luxury tradition, and exudes suppleness and sensuality as opposed to the stiffness and sturdiness of Glass and Aluminium. Pure Emotion to feel and associate to our Waterfall Philosophy.

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Sense the unique density of Glass

Glass simply pure and perfect, an innovating choice for a Speaker . Each component of our Collections has its place in our rigorous “architecture “and glass creates a revolution in a rather static Audio environment. Its density associated to our Innovating techniques becomes obvious from the very first listening sessions. Our Waterfall Sound signature prevails .

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