Budri, the Italian firm that is world ambassador for workmanship in marble and semi-precious stones, is concentrating more and more strongly on the international markets, especially China and the Far East.


It will be a star exhibitor at Design Shanghai, one of the world’s top international design events, from 8 to 11 March, exhibiting the new entries and highlights of its collections.


It will be an impressive display, designed by Studio Lamonarca of Milan, which has achieved the perfect combination of the company’s two souls: classical style and modern design go hand in hand in a celebration of the beauty and nobility of marble, a cultural heritage of the Italian tradition.


“I wanted to underline the lightness of this material, which has always been thought of as heavy,” Antonio Lamonarca states. “The challenge was to combine a mosaic table – reproducing the flooring of St Mark’s Basilica in Venice – with a modern marble lamp, while showing their different characteristics to best advantage. I’ve been working on the Chinese market for years, and it is an honour for me to team up with a firm like Budri, one of the world’s outstanding players in its field.”


For the near future, the aim is to strengthen the brand’s presence in Korea, as well. Budri’s classical and modern design works and the new Eyewear collection will be joining the permanent exhibition at Stone City, a stone-market hub offering the biggest names in stone.


 A forerunner of modern marble working and now synonymous with the excellence of Italian luxury, over time Budri has successfully introduced state-of-the-art processing techniques, in combination with Italian master-craftsmanship.


Today, Gianmarco Budri views marble as a precious fabric bestowed on us by nature, a fabric to be transformed with skill and sensitivity into ‘garments for living spaces’.

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Marble is much more than you could ever imagine.