In Design Shanghai 2018 the iconic brand, present a limited edition collection of porcelains, that came from the ancient symbol of the Mithos.


There is mainly one reason because we decided to put together the production of the brand Lladró with the artwork of the young Italian artist Leonardo Gambini: “pure energy”. That energy you can feel an get from these apparently different productions.


Lladró, through the expert hands of their master artisan represent the primordial forms of energy, shaped in one of the most refined matter; Leonardo did the same in his art works with an opposite point of view, following his minimalism tendence (as Donald Judd did in USA) he uses the matter - without taking care of shapes - as a scene to exhibit colours that you can feel immediately as pure energy. In any way you would like to consider, vibrations, chakras, as well as simple parts of the light spectrum.


Both of them doing their productions in a unique mix of talent, audacity and meticulousness in the quest for excellence.


Lladró is presented by GWArt Lifestyle, an international Group that can guarantee the most famous interior design Brands’ selection and Leonardo Gambini is one of the artist supported by LifeIconGallery&ArtDesinBox an exclusive platform for art icon collectors.