Vismara Design, a brand of reference in the luxury furniture industry, is taking part at Design Shanghai, the most important international event dedicated to design in Asia, which is taking place from 8 to 11 March, 2017. Design Shanghai will be hosted by the spectacular Shanghai Exhibition Centre, based in the Chinese city of the same name, which will welcome for the occasion the world's most prestigious brands, besides attracting many architects, interior designers, retailers and opinion leaders from all over the world.

 Vismara Design 2

Vismara Design is going to use this important event as an opportunity to officially present the latest products of its Vip Entertainment collection to its Asian market customers. Inside a hundred-square-metre stand, jointly built with Art Design Group, the company will show its latest home entertainment solutions, especially those for the set-up of a refined private game room. The idea of spaces entirely dedicated to home entertainment, capable of giving customers the possibility to enjoy their free time in the privacy of their own home, has recently been worming its way in the luxury projects sector. With the private game room, Vismara Design wants to offer something that is more than just a product: it is a unique service endowed with a great variety of items of furniture, all home-made designed and manufactured, as a real expression of the most genuine and sought-after Made in Italy.

 Vismara Design 3

The crown jewel of the collection that will be presented at Design Shanghai is the Mahjong Table, a fascinating Chinese strategy game. Vismara Design intends to remain true to its centuries-old tradition with this play field, which keeps all the conventional rules without forgetting to offer an innovative twist of great modernity. A complex mechanism enables us to optimise our gaming experience, making this table a unique and precious craft-trade product. The Mahjong Table that is about to be presented in Shanghai is adorned with matt ivory and dove-colour finishes, which perfectly frame the traditional green table mat.


A modern style with alluring silhouettes characterises the Chess Table too: a real work of art that, as necessary, can easily be transformed into a tea table or an elegant practical surface. A motorised lift mechanism, boosted by a rechargeable lithium battery that can be activated by pressing a button on the side or by using the optional remote control, conceals the secret of this chess table versatility. Chess pieces, checkers and backgammon chips – all anodized aluminium drop-forged products exclusively designed by Vismara – are easily arranged in the inner part of the table. The chessboard is finely inlaid with ebony and mother-of-pearl, besides being tempered glass-clad. In addition, there is a sophisticated and practical tray that, if applied, can serve as a backgammon board.


Other gaming tables will be presented at Design Shanghai, completing Vismara's home entertainment collection: their upholstered seats, as an example of essential furniture, merge an ergonomic design with refined and clear lines. The Comfort Chair, equipped with armrests, is perfect for the dining room, the living room and the vestibule and can be furthermore customised both in the wood finishes and the tissues selection. The same options also apply to the High Chair model, a delicate piece of modern design whose uniqueness is highlighted by its high back, which provides the chair itself with a distinctive touch. The models presented at Shanghai Design are all played out in tones of dark brown, matt ivory and Eco-Nabuk beige – a fabric representing an eco- friendly and heavy-duty version of one of the world's finest leathers.


“Vismara Design not only develops luxury products that perfectly suit private environments and exclusive clubs,” explains Pino Vismara, the company founder and its first designer, “but it can also provide turnkey solutions, curating all the design aspects of production, from interior design to flooring and elegant customisable boiserie. This is our new concept of entertainment, this is what we define as true luxury.”