This year Lincrusta has been busy working on a new formula in order to improve the fire rating of their product. We’re very excited to hear that Lincrusta has finally launched their new Class B fire rated products and they will bring this amazing collection to Design Shanghai Classic deisng hall.


As a result of our new formula, all Lincrusta products are now fire rated to Class B, s2-d0 under BS EN15102:2007 and ASTM-E84 Class 1/A for USA and Canada. In addition, Lincrusta also passed the ‘Release of dangerous substances’ test. This accreditation ensures that Lincrusta meets current regulations for use in the hospitality sector and can also be used in public areas and blocks of flats as it meets the criteria for Fire Safety: Building regulations 2010, approved Document B. This means Lincrusta is now the perfect wallcovering for use in commercial projects or residential spaces, transforming walls into magnificent centrepieces or statement backdrops. Using our adhesive, Lincrusta can even be applied to furniture and fire doors and can be hung on any surface (except glass and metal) in most environments.