Design Shanghai Andrew Martin Day will be held on 7 March 2019. Designers include Chang Ching-ping, Wang Guan, Zeynep Fadilliouglu, Ben Wu, Meng Ye, Chen Bin and Kinney Chan will give presentations during the Forum - New Design, New Start. Designers will combine their different backgrounds to describe their thoughts on design’s past and future.


Description of the theme - New Design, New Start

The world changes from a small step. The culture rises with a new thought. We inherit the past because of the love for our rich history. We also create the future. It is a part rooted in our human nature. The design always changes, but the rules stay the same. The world is changing but never deviate from our original intentions. No matter it is time or space, we keep exploring in those constant changes. Art or design, every discussion has sublimated the meaning of our life. Design Shanghai, Andrew Martin Day. Let's inherit the past and create the future."