PERRIER will participate in Design Shanghai 2019 as one of the event's partners. This time, PERRIER will present an exciting and romantic space odyssey. The PERRIER rocket is poised for launch, taking you to the ‘PERRIER Space Artventure’ full of fantasies.


On the first day of the design extravaganza, PERRIER will upgrade the opening party into a rocket launch base, where you could join the PERRIER astronauts to shout the countdown out loud: three, two, one, witnessing the exciting PERRIER Moment when the rocket lifts off amid mist and bubbles, whilst traversing the fantastic interstellar space.



The exhibition area has been divided into the dinning zone, interactive zone, and exhibition zone, each presenting the fascinating clash between technology and art with more surprises in store for you.


PERRIER also partnered with Internet-popular bar Atelier in Shanghai to offer special PERRIER drinks and special menu at the space station, which will serve as the best supply depot for your space adventure.


An amazing experience for the eyes and taste buds is here for you to explore!