Partnership with Shanghai Xintiandi, curated by Design Shanghai in collaboration with curators Song Tao, Hou Zhengguang and Cher Du, Design Shanghai @Xintiandi Design Festival will provide diverse inspirations to citizens and design enthusiasts. The design festival will again make the entire city buzz with a selection of interactive installations by international and Chinese designers.


In order to encourage more designers to join the event and to promote the development of original design in China, Design Shanghai @Xintiandi Design Festival Installation Design Contest is launched. The contest is open to all domestic and international designers to call for installation with artistic, interactive and ornamental focuses. The contest strives to bring unique and communion design experience to the public, and stimulate unbounded novelty together.

Theme:The New Social Era on Boundary 
Description: Boundary is the comprehensive use of multi-disciplinary interoperability across boundaries and even the broken boundaries on the basis of consistent sharing.

The future of lifestyle is closely related to the collaborative innovation across all fields. The creative revolution, realized by talents from art, design, science, technology and other industries, is gradually changing and reshaping people’s behavior, social habits and aesthetic orientation. New terminologies, such as sensory experiences, artificial intelligence, new media, new materials, AR, VR, MR, are being created endlessly.

For this year’s festival, we will explore in the context of the convergence of creativity, how to measure the moderate input of cross-border innovation, and what is the model of future aesthetics in accordance with the law of symbiotic contribution. Let's go back to the basic of social emotion, and truly step into The New Social Era on Boundary.

The winners will be awarded with:

  • Display in the public area designated by Shanghai Xintiandi. Design Shanghai will be responsible for the production, assembly and construction.
  • Publicity and media exposure
  • Invitation to participate in the networking events hosted by Design Shanghai 2018, communicating with the world famous designers
  • Opportunities to have exclusive media interviews
  • Professional reviews and evaluation

Competition requirements:

  • Participants should design an indoor installation with artistic, interactive and ornamental focuses.
  • The size of the site is 5 meters (length) x 4 meters (width) x 3 meters (height). The installation shall be easy to transport and easy to assemble, and can be built within 3 days.
  • All contestants must be the legitimate owners of the entries, owing the copyright and legal usage of materials, and can bear the corresponding legal responsibility.
  • There is no fee occurred to participate or win the contest.

How to participate:

Please email the entries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the email subject line Design Shanghai @Xintiandi Design Festival Installation Contest.

The entries shall include:

  • Images of the entries
  • Description of the designs – in Chinese and English, including design concept, materials, cooperative brands
  • Designers’ portrait image
  • Designers’ resume - Chinese and English
  • Contact details


  • Entries must be submitted as JPG format, RGB, at least 300dpi, at least 1000px in height and in width. The entries shall be smaller than 5MB.
  • Please provide the description of the installation in Chinese and English within 200 words.
  • In order to ensure the confidentiality and impartiality of the contest, there shall be no information of the designers on the submitted installation.
  • Please submit at least 3 images of final 3D outcome, presenting the installation with three perspectives – front, back and side. The details can be submitted additionally.
  • Please keep the original design drawings (such as AI, CDR, PSD, Rhino, etc.).


  • Young designers and architects at home and abroad, aged 35 and below
  • Students of design institutions in China and internationally


A selection committee with experts from related fields will judge all the entries by voting. The entry with the highest number of votes will be the winning piece.

Selection committee includes:

Mr. Andy Zhang, General Manager of Taipingqiao Project, China Xintiandi

Mr. Tao Song, contemporary artist, designer, curator, Founder of ZIZAOSHE and O Gallery, Curator of Design Shanghai @Xintiandi Design Festival

Mr. Zhengguang Hou, Founder of MoreLess, Curator of Shanghai Show, Curator of Design Shanghai @Xintiandi Design Festival

Ms Cher Du, designer, artist, curator, Founder of Shanghe Meichuang Culture Development Co. Ltd, Bachelor of Central Academy of Fine Art in China, Master of University of The Arts London, Curator of Design Shanghai @Xintiandi Design Festival

Mr. Leon Sun, Editor-in-Chief, Elle Decoration China

Mr. Ross Urwin, Creative Director of Design Shanghai

Ms. Zhuo Tan, Show Director of Design Shanghai


1. Entries submission: now until 15th January 2018

2. Winner announcement: February 2018

Intellectual property/ T&Cs

1. Entries must be completed by the candidates independently and have not been published on any occasions. Entries must not copy others' works, and shall not infringe any third party's intellectual property rights and other lawful rights. Participants shall keep the original design files by their own. After the results are announced, the unselected works can be handled by the designers themselves.

2. The contest does not charge any fees. The applicants shall cover all the fees incurred by participating the contest themselves.

3. As a result of the rights of the entry defects or its content is false, illegal, improper, or any other legal disputes, as a result of the unreasonable reason or cause loss to the third parries, it has nothing to do with the contest organizers, and participants shall bear the legal consequences.

4. The participants voluntarily accept the restriction of this contest, and the final interpretation is the contest organizer.

Contact information

Angela Tang

Tel: +86 (0)21-64330997

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.