“Delivering Happiness” is not just the slogan of our brand, it’s how our founder Mark Huetsch conceives of dessert itself. Mark believes that that essence of dessert is that zen moment when you first take a bite: When the universe drops away and your brain explodes with overwhelming pleasure. Our mission is to share that joy not only with our customers, but to help them spread the happiness to their friends and family as well. When Pantry’s Best was founded in 2009, we specialized in authentic American-style pies and quickly became a favorite among local sweets connoisseurs: food critics from the U.S. have compared our desserts to those of Michelin Star restaurants in New York. Since then, we’ve also brought cupcakes and red velvet cakes to the local scene with a creative touch.


We continue to push the envelope with new desserts such as our “Santa’s Surprise” cake. “Life can’t go forward without innovation,” Mark says. “And to make a great new dessert, you need to balance a strong exterior design with the flavor of the ingredients composing that design.” Mark, who comes from a family with strong baking traditions and who graduated from Stanford with a degree in computer science, sees his engineering skills as complementary to his baking: “Good engineering is about bringing creativity and strong design to life with real-world processes and then constantly iterating to improve the result. All to make somebody’s life just a little bit happier."