Design Shanghai 2017 will promote an all-new themed exhibition--the "China Design Trends Gallery," inviting China's most forward thinking design consulting company, YANG DESIGN, to jointly present four major design trends that fit the future market, and to become one of the main bright spots of Design Shanghai 2017's West Wing pavilion entrance. At the same time, Design Shanghai 2017 will also invite YANG DESIGN's strategy director Xiaojing Huang to release the "China Design Trends Report" at the main forum.


How do trends get started? What kind of product design is suitable for the future market?


What we needed before were some products that were necessary in our daily lives; what we need now are products for our daily lives that reflect some forward-looking ideas. With an emphasis on trend study, we can enable enterprises to master market dominance, and figure out products that are suitable for the future market. As China's most forward-thinking design consulting company, since 2005 YANG DESIGN has taken the lead in introducing leading trend forecasting tools from Germany, and in inviting opinion leaders from different industries to form a team of experts to jointly create China's most professional trend study team. The "China Design Trends Report" is a forward looking project that is released once every year.


For the 2017-2018 China design trend study, we created it in the form of society as a whole, and based on consumer trend studies and interviews with five major industry experts, we submitted a forecast in keeping with the Chinese lifestyle, and from that we extracted four types of main design trend themes that are applicable to various industries. YANG DESIGN submitted proposals for the color, material, and finish ( or CMF) that correspond to every trend theme.