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Staxx is a lifestyle brand co-founded by Richard Langone and Leilei Peng that offers unique design and quality products that are mindful of environmental impact. The Staxx flat-pack furniture concept was born from a simple premise: The need for smarter, simpler design in a world of ever-increasing complexity. Staxx flat-pack furniture is designed within the limitations of a standardized material using CNC technology to maximize yield and reduce waste. The materials we use are certified sustainable and the product packs flat so that we protect natural resources while greatly reducing our carbon footprint. Our goal is to create products that balance form and function while challenging our preconceived ideas about how a product is made, packed, and the form it takes. Staxx product's clean lines and simple sculptural shapes are well suited for today's modern lifestyle. Staxx flat-pack furniture was designed to assemble without tools or hardware by interlocking panels that are engineered to precise specifications. The result is a unique user experience and emotional connection that is unlike any other furniture.