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The country of Artisan:Bosnia and Herzegovina.B&H is a rich country in terms of high quality forests .We love wood because we have known it our entire life. From the forest we played in as children, to the calling to which we have dedicated our adulthood.Because we love wood, we collaborate with the best regional and global designers who are familiar with our technological advantages and who know how to convey the expertise into a vision that is worthy of this precious material.
Because we love wood, our main production tools are the hands of our artisans, masters who daily turn designers’ visions into unique handicraft.Wood and life are inextricably connected, and wood is literally life to us.
All our products are made only from solid wood
We share our Love Wood philosophy by manufacturing furniture for people sharing with us the same passion for wood and furniture of ultimate quality.We insist that, at the end of the production process,the furniture that adorns your living environment is as natural as the wood from which it has originated.
We give our wood only into the hands of those designers who share our love of wood. Our plant and our artisans are equipped and trained to offer designers as much freedom and options as possible in order for them to realize their vision.