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The Danish interior design brand AYTM was established in 2015 by the couple Kathrine and Per Gran Hartvigsen. The most important element in the AYTM brand
is the design. Within our design philosophy are several keywords that indicate what people can expect from AYTM products. Those words include originality, Nordic, quality, simplicity, luxury, elegance, colour, material and sophistication.Each product is evaluated and worked to the core to ensure the quality needed by our Danish designer team. AYTM is elegant and we think of elegance as something that should be ever-present in all that we do. When you see the imagery for each collection the elegance is brought to life — vivid colours combined with darker tones is one of the reasons the AYTM world appears with a great international twist. We love that these colours suit a wide variety of settings and lifestyles. Our aim is to show you collections that exude luxury. Our willingness to be brave in our choice of materials makes for interesting designs, looks and styles, and it has become the core of each collection. All of those elements together bring you AYTM – a brand full of sophistication, boldness and originality.