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Down to the detail.
“Made in Germany” means one thing first and foremost: superlative quality. It is produced in Nagold, on
the edge of the Black Forest, through characteristically German traits such as order, conscientiousness
and discipline. As a long-established company, we embody these traits and add unique expertise with
the Swabian work ethic. This is also reflected in every stage of our manufacturing chain: from fabric and
leather warehouses and cutting to stitching, frame production and upholstery – not forgetting the final
checks and packaging. This high-quality work is now delivered to 50 countries worldwide – each product
being tailor-made from a selection of over 100 leathers and more than 200 fabrics. Individual configurations
and unique pieces are produced at our factories in Mözingen and Pfalzgrafenweiler. Our products are
therefore amongst the highest-quality products in the world.
Precision work and exacting checks are the essential ingredients in our efforts to achieve perfection, as
are our sustainable and efficient production solutions. Created using high tech and the hands of experienced
craftspeople, Rolf Benz embodies traditional, almost lost values and creates sensual elegance
with outstanding quality. We combine 55 years of experience with new ideas and technologies in order
to make the good, the high-quality and the steadfast always that little bit better. The results are best
described with a wonderful German word: wunderbar.