Buzao image

Buzao is an experimental brand established in 2017.

It tempts to breakthrough the difference between product and artwork by immersing the uncertainty of artistic creation into product design. It does not define anything but only recognizes that all materials existed in the very beginning and therefore nothing was created afterward.

By extracting or decomposing properties from the substance, Buzao accesses to the Ego of substance and makes relationships between it and human. The relationship could be a lamp, a furniture or simply a meaningless decoration. Rather than making products, Buzao is more likely triggering poetical reactions.

Materials utilized by Buzao range from volcanic rocks, marbles, to industrial glass and steels. For following product materials, there will be casted aluminum, etc. From Buzao's point of view, there is no difference between natural resources and manmade materials. They all exist already. What matters the most is the artistic properties of uncertainty or abnormality within the substance, which will complete the design that fits the substance.

Buzao, as an independent brand, rebels from the experience we had from the past. Buzao literally means to "not create". It is the Ego, the reality and the common ground of all individuals who are free from the limitation of their time.