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Orisis & Vertical Green Landscape Science & Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is an overseas joint venture by Singapore Vertical Green in China, a winner of the “Singapore Green Innovation Expert” professional group, which later also established branches in Malaysia and the Philippines.

Orisis & Vertical Green provides professional urban vertical gardens, consulting, design, installation and post-maintenance of roof gardens.

With years of proven experience and technology in Singapore, our innovative patented HyGroTM Wall vertical growth system is currently the thinnest and lightest fully automatic irrigation and fertilization vertical garden solution on the Asian market. Meanwile, HyGroTMWall also has the characteristics of easy installation, fireproof, no soil, low energy consumption and minial maintenance.

HyGroMossTM, natural moss with a wide range of materials and colors, low carbon and fuss-free zero management, creates greenery urban experience.Whether indoor or outdoor, the eco- lush greenary and natural moss always make a delightful addition to the air.

Withi few years, Orisis & Vertical Green has worked with clients including Google, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Chanel, H&M, VISA, Alibaba, Credit Suisse, Lego and many other top 500 companies.

“Green awakens your life”, Orisis & Vertical Green Landscape Science & Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., with professional and thoughtful private customized service, dedication to the innovation of urban green facilities, wish to bring you a whole new experience of an ultimate vertical garden.