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Leader in the production of decorative surfaces in reconstituted wood veneer, ALPI was the first company in the world to industrialize this manufacturing process: ALPIlignum, realized through the breakdown and following reconstruction of an original wood trunk, offers countless design approaches and subsequently as many aesthetical outcomes.


A professional partner of leading brands and major manufacturers of automobiles and yachts, as well as prestigious names in furniture, product design, interior architecture and contract, ALPI stands out on the worldwide scene for its direct control of the entire process, from the log to the finished product, starting with forest management. The company guarantees the legal and sustainable sourcing of the wood and total product traceability. ALPI is therefore a guarantee of an eco-responsible product.


This is made possible by major investments in R&D, raw materials of the highest quality, avant-garde technology and the finest tailor-made craftsmanship. Other important features of the company are its vast range of products and great ability to respond to the specific requirements of a highly diversified client base. This includes the design and development of customized solutions which can be replicated over time.


Today ALPI – helmed by Vittorio Alpi, the founder’s grandson - is developed on different industrial facilities, which occupy 450 people in Italy and more than 1550 in Africa. In 2017 the ALPIlignum production capacity resulted in 20million square meters and the products are distributed in over than 60 countries.