Swarovski Presented by Domus Aurea image

Swarovski has amazed and inspired designers within the world of lighting since introducing their ornate ground crystal elements for use in chandeliers and lighting fixtures in 1965.

The Swarovski brand is renowned for its cutting-edge design language that combines crystal and light to produce imaginative light forms, transforming architectural spaces into iconic landmarks of sparkling wonder.

Swarovski unveiled its first premium lighting collection in 2011 at Euroluce, Europe’s leading design show in Milan. Swarovski offers premium decorative lighting that illuminates spaces with an emotional aura of inspiration and art.

Cutting crystal to perfection is coded in the DNA of Swarovski,and their contemporary and fresh design language unites this expertise in cut crystal with state-of-the-art lighting technolog and inspiration from some of the most renowned designers of today. Every lighting element is the result of innovative engineering and skillful handiwork. This unmistakable quality makes a world of difference and is reflected in each Swarovski illumination.