Abet Laminati image

Founded in Bra in the late 1950s, Abet Laminati is now one of the biggest manufacturers of decorative plastic laminates in the world.

The sheer variety of available products, each differentiated by technical characteristics, aesthetic appearance and functional qualities, constitutes the eclectic universe of Abet Laminati. Since its birth, the company has been an avant-garde enterprise at the service of contemporary culture.

Over the years, this approach has led to important collaborations with many leading talents in design and architecture. By sustaining the stylistic revolutions that have marked the history of Italian design, such as Alchimia and then Memphis, Abet Laminati has always maintained a lively dialogue with the world of design, thereby contributing to the international diffusion of the image of products made in Italy. The designers with which Abet Laminati has worked or continues to work include Paola Navone (the company’s art director), Ettore Sottsass, Alessandro and Francesco Mendini, Michele De Lucchi, Achille Castiglioni, Andrea Branzi, Vico Magistretti, Giulio Iacchetti and Karim Rashid.

The company's dedication to the image of its products is underscored by its constant search for decorations and textures that possess the potential to intrigue, inspire and arouse positive feelings. According to a definition stated by Gio Ponti in 1965, Abet laminate "is an extraordinary material for architecture. It is the first one not linked to nature, but elaborated by man." This is how laminate has taken on its own special identity, distinguished and reinterpreted over and over.

The assiduous endeavour to create innovative products with elevated aesthetic contents has earned Abet Laminati two Compasso d'Oro awards from the Associazione per il Disegno Industriale. The company received the first in 1987 for Diafos, a translucent laminate, and the second one in 2001 for lifetime achievement.

Collaborations with famous designers have given life to architectural projects, exhibitions and events. In 2013, the Museo Abet Laminati was inaugurated at the Bra headquarters, where over 130 historical pieces constructed in laminate are on display, including some of the most significant ones in the history of design.

Abet Laminati now boasts a solid network of global diffusion to over 90 countries in the world, but production is still fully located in Italy, at two factories in Bra.