The design concept of this work originates from the ginkgo leaf of nature. It is inspired by the organic form of nature. Ginkgo tree is a tree species that emerged from the white season. It has only been preserved by China. It represents the ancient and sacred of the East and has a strong vitality. 《ginkgo-leaf chair》is carbon-fibre one-piece chair, combined with the features of high strength and light weight as of carbon fibre material, It minimizes its weight. Moreover, It solves the problem of stability; it also solves the mechanical structural problem of the chair leg design. The chair is very light, easy to move, firm and invariant, not easy to corrosion. It can be used as both indoor and outdoor furniture. Also a good art luxury collection This chair is beautifully shaped, poetic, colorful, light and elegant,only 3 kg .As a piece of furniture with new material of fashion, art and innovation, it has advanced design, processing, covering the industrial sense of carbon fiber materials with color, changing the sense of distance of similar products. for the furniture market, it opens a new page.