Camino image

Our name, camino, is a Spanish word, meaning “path.” For our generation, traveling between cities and countries has become ordinary. People move and settle around the world to pursue goals and dreams. For many, the nomadic life is certainly filled with adventures and excitements. Nevertheless, no one doesn’t long for a sense of belonging, a sight of home.


Thus, camino was born for the “urban nomad,” we hope to create that comfort of belonging in those ever-evolving journeys.


Since living in the nomadic lifestyle should be burden-free, the focus of our designs is not on large furniture items. Instead, we seek to create smaller pieces that are “accessories for primary living spaces” and “ centerpieces for secondary rooms.” With the fusion of the refined aesthetics of American industrial style and the classic minimalist Nordic elements, our designs bring a sleek yet warm look for your space. The mixed use of materials and colors creates a unique character that will never be out of date. In camino, you can carry the style with ease on your journey, enjoy every moment of your fast-paced life to the fullest.