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HIROTA Glass founded in 1899, is one of Tokyo's oldest glass manufacturers.
The history of Japanese glassware making can be traced back to the Edo period.The Meiji period,The Japanese government established the official glassware manufacture in Tokyo,named "Pinchuan glass Manufacturing Institute". Since then ,Glass manufacturers in town next to Tokyo have started making glassware, including HIROTA glass.
The prevailing glass manufacturing industry in Tokyo integrates the glass manufacturing technology from the west country with the Japanese aesthetic, hence the unique glass design of Japan.
After the Second World War,Mechanized mass production became the mainstream,HIROTA Glass consistently adheres to the manual production, and carries out the idea of "pursuing to convey the sensibility of people and the temperature of glassware" .and inherited it from generation to generation.
HIROTA glass follows the tradition of local manual manufacturing in Tokyo, such as Edo Kiriko and Edo Glass.HIROTA glass constantly creates glasswares that integrate diet, life and interior decoration. These are based on the rare glass equipment and designs at the beginning of the business, and combined with the modern lifestyle.