BUBEN&ZORWEG, LUXURY BRAND FROM GERMANY. Creators of inbuilt, multifunctional luxury safes, watch winders and clocks, BUBEN&ZORWEG specialise in serving the world’s most discerning and demanding lovers of luxury, from royalty to captains of industry, heads of state and stars of sport and music. BUBEN&ZORWEG Object of Time® masterpieces are a range of multifunctional luxury safes incorporating BUBEN&ZORWEG clocks and tourbillon clocks, constructed to house collections of up to several hundred watches, while also serving as humidors, bars, weather stations and music systems. Bespoke - at a fraction of the time! The Art of Bespoke is a time-consuming process as it is about building a close relationship with the customer, to understand his aspirations, to create original solutions that deliver striking designs to not just meet his needs but exceed expectations. By introducing the new BESPOKE LINE, BUBEN&ZORWEG offers all of this at just a fraction of the time.