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Refined Antique furniture is a domestic exclusive European antique furniture and antique jewelry and other high-end art enterprises.


Our company are directly imported from abroad, by the European professionals from abroad carefully selected and, now has 1500 square entity exhibition hall, display all kinds of overseas auction, Amoy to the old furniture and accessories, a comprehensive display of the Victoria, Edward, Baroque, Rococo, Louis XIV, Louis XV, Louis XVI period of European furniture. It reflects the historical changes and the art deco style. Refined antique furniture is committed to provide the best quality service and the best quality of Western antiques, here every piece of furniture, each detail, each carved are deeply engraved the light years and the legacy of history rhyme flow, silently passing year of wealthy investors prosperous and the rise and fall, fine count each time the flesh of the living legends and cultural wonders, but also contain unique cultural value, historical value and appreciate the value and collection value is cultural wealth, spiritual wealth and material wealth of the perfect symbiosis. It is the ideal choice for those who are pursuing the high quality of life.