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Ziinlife, as a creativity-driven original furniture design brand, aims to share with the public the joy of design via discovering hidden beauty from daily life. With creativity as the start of its design, products of ziinlife are full of unique but oriental humors. In a concise but interesting design expression, ziinlife enables furniture to create a resonance with users. Ziinlife deeply believes that design full of ingenuity and warmth can inject endless joy and enlightenment into life, thus adding a sense of fun and vigor to your lovely home.


Ziinlife is devoted to solving problems encountered in daily life in a creative and interesting expression. With the innovative thinking and courage to break the routine, ziinlife enriches products and space with subtle changes and functional value. As for ziinlife, a good design should be forward-looking, which is of great potential in improving people’s lives as well as creating an unprecedented, unique life experience.


Ziinlife design team has gain much recognition since its foundation. It has gained the Best Design Team of the Year, Gold Idea Furniture Design Award for two consecutive years. Also, Kiran, founder of ziinlife, has been awarded Young Talent of the Year, ELLE DECO International Design Awards (EDIDA) China 2018. For the past six years, ziinlife has created more than a hundred pieces of products including such collections as “Transforming Small Spaces” “Think with Heart” “Let there be light!” “The Playful Angles” “Design Our Times” “Soft yet Powerful”. Among them, products such as ITrust Chair, Floral Mirror, Sunrise Table, Tree Folding Table, Recess Sofa Bed, Dali Bar Table, Flow Tea Table, Blossom Lamp, Nice Meeting You Bench have won Gold Idea Furniture Design Award, Modern Attitude Show, IDEAT Future Award and others.


In the future, ziinlife is determined to make efforts in the mission of “bringing life a lovely surprise” and makes the joy and value of design accessible to more people. Meantime, ziinlife will share with the public high-quality design in line with international standards.